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where's the best burg?

Of course I get this a lot, and it is such a tough question. It changes for every person! I can't recommend my fav beef burger to a vegan, or my fav local burger to someone in England... but if you make me aware of any allergies, must-haves or what city you're in, this will help me help you!

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how it started

"Why burgers?" This is my most common question, and I have many answers. For one, this gal loves to eat and since my left leg is hollow, this works for me. Secondly, burgers cater to all. Vegan? No prob. Don't eat meat? Here's a veggie burger for ya. On a super diet? Lettuce for buns...


let's collab

Want me to promote your burger? Have a special weekly promotion that needs attention? Instagram takeover? Giveaway? Want me to organize food bloggers to come test your menu? I'm a creative at heart and would love to hear your ideas. I've worked with a few local restaurants and businesses in Ottawa...


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