Secret Dinner... at a Cemetery!

I was absolutely wowed by the folks at Secret Dinner Canada.

Intrigued? It's exactly what you may think.

Before receiving your tickets, all you know is the date and name of the dinner. When the day arrives, you receive an email with a little more information, like how to dress and where to meet at what time.

Our meeting spot was no later than 5:00pm, at Sutherland in Beechwood. We were greeted with a complimentary cocktail. It was quite tasty! Not too long after, limos brought us to our secret location - it was the Beechwood Cemetery! 

Please don't be fooled by this rather odd location. It was stunning!


Again, upon arrival we were treated to another cocktail, some locally made popcorn and an interesting tour of the cemetery before heading to our dinner table.


Dinner had us on the edge of our seat with each course. The food and drink pairings were a dream. Lot's locally made goods too - we were able to keep our linens made by EcoEquitable! 


Snag up a good deal on tickets through Ottawa Things To Do. Just have to sign up for their newsletter!

Let me know if you have any questions. I want to keep it to a minimum so it's a bit of a surprise for you too, although I could go on and on about this amazing experience!