The Waverley

The craziest part of this review is that it was my first meal at 5:00pm. Normally when you haven't eaten for almost 24 hours, anything tastes good.


I can promise you that on this day, that wasn't the case.


Alongside the amazing service from our waitress Ki, was a well crafted Georgia Peach cocktail (Southern Comfort, Peach Schnapps, pineapple juice, bitters and apple cinnamon syrup) and a burger I pretty much swallowed whole.

The cocktail - highly recommend. 


Georgia Peach

So. Good.

The burger - also highly recommend.

I had previously only ever been here for a night out, so I was excited to try some food. I went with The Waverley burger.

My review: Sweet potato fries were good, but average. They came with a tasty aioli which I am a sucker for. Same goes for a juicy side pickle. There was nothing soggy or too messy either, which to me is important. If I am going out to be social, I don't want to look like a complete slob.

End verdict: I would definitely go back here for a burger!