The Heart and Crown

I tried their sliders at a Mealshare event. Love them! 

The King Eddy

They have a basic burger and you choose all toppings. I often go for a beef burger with bacon and extra pickles and usually sweet potato fries or deep fried pickles on the side.

The Waverley (Elgin Street location)

The Waverley Burger with sweet potato fries. Love their Georgia Peach cocktail!

Burgers n’ Fries Forever

I have tried The Melt, The American, and The Donut Diet entry to Le Burger Week. They have a great (cheap) lunch special.

BITE Burger

OCCO Kitchen

A major highlight in Orleans! I’ve had the Candied Bacon Burger and The Locco Burger, and their chicken taco is top notch (also has candied bacon). 

The Works

I have had so many burgers here I can't remember them all. I know that for sure my first burger ever at The Works was the sk8r boi (I was blown away as a kid I could get peanut butter on my burger). I have also tried the Juicy Lucy and the Ho Hum.


Another key spot in Orleans. I have tried their burger at a catered event AND, a burger special topped with mac and cheese… tasty!

3 Brewers

I have been here twice and ordered the same thing: the 3 Brasseurs Burger (this burger has a house-made maple amber beer sauce which won me over). I have tried their sweet potato fries and their beer sauce beer battered maxi fries which are seriously friggin' good.

The Koven

I like to keep it simple - I tried their classic cheeseburger with regular fries, but as I was leaving the owner mentioned I should try their stuffed burger next time.

The Keg

One option here: The Keg Burger. Who goes to The Keg and doesn't get a steak, right? The burger didn't let me down.

Hometown Sports

I was able to compare everything at once here. Went with a friend and split a beef burger with regular fries and a vegan burger with sweet potato fries. No complaints. Love that they are a sports bar with vegan options, and I also like that the buns are from the Rideau Bakery (local)! 

Five Guys

Nice classic old-fashion style burger. Had their bacon cheeseburger with regular fries. They are popular for their cajun fries.

Le Pub du Bon Vivant

Went basic here and had their classic burger.

Golden Fries

Fam and I went to this chip truck to try their entry to Le Burger Week 2017.

Lieutenant’s Pump

Went on a super health kick many years ago. Lost a bunch of weight and had their bacon cheeseburger as one of my first cheat meals. Oh boy was it good. 

Pure Kitchen

Go to Pure Kitchen is you want feel-good, comfort food. Everything here is fresh and generally a healthier option than most dine-out experiences. I have had the Royale with Cheese and the Lucky Burger. I always get the Transformation Salad/fries split as a side. Sometimes start with the Radical Cauliflower Wings or I have even split an amazing grilled peach taco. LOVE their Pink Moon cocktail. Can you tell I love it here?

Zac’s Diner

Ahhhh, Zac's. Thank you for the late night bacon cheeseburger.

The Standard

I had some of their sliders and cocktails one night out. No complaints!

Elgin Street Diner

Had the Smokey Burger with regular fries thanks to my Tinder date. 

The Royal Oak (St. Joseph location)

I've tried the Oak Burger!

Big Rig Brewery (gloucester location)

I've tried a burger with sweet potato fries and a brew. It comes with a maple aioli I couldn't stop thinking about. I have been back for the sweet potato fries just for the aioli. 

Fairmont Montebello

I went to the Fairmont Montebello for a weekend getaway, and ended up ordering their burger with regular fries TWICE. I couldn't leave without another. 

The Third

I tried the veggie burger (one of the best in Ottawa), bacon cheeseburger with regular fries (usually sub for sweet potato fries but these were a game changer) and the patty melt from their secret menu (you need this when you are hungover).

The Clarendon Tavern

I enjoyed The Clarendon Burger on the courtyard patio!

Blue Cactus

Ordered the bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato fries. Got the sauce on the side and tried their Cactus Sauce on the side as well.

Moe’s BBQ

Tried the brisket, fries, mac and cheese, chicken, chicken wings, ribs and their brisket burger. If you're looking for Halal Southern Style BBQ this is your spot.


Had their Brunch Burger. It was a perfect messy, tasty, birthday breakfast.


Tried their take on a Big Mac. It’s called The Better MAC, and I devoured instantly. Very yummy fries! For brunch, go for their Maple Bacon Crunch. It’s did me dirty… has fried chicken, packed egg, house cured bacon and fois mayo.

elmdale tavern

Not a fan of their burger, but a BIG, BIG fan of their lobster roll, oysters and corn on the cob!


Obsessed. Available during lunch hour and Sunday evenings. Go. Just go.

the wellington diner

Tried their cheese curd skirt burger, classic burger and their chicken burger.

vera’s burger shack

The best thing about this spot is that it’s in a butchery. The meat is so fresh!

Chez Lucien

Didn’t know I needed cream cheese on a burger until I had one at Chez…

world burger

I tried their entry to Le Burger Week 2018. It was good, but I would like to go back again for a regular cheeseburger for a true test.


Like Riviera, this is only available Monday to Friday lunch hour. They offer an 80 day, dry aged burger topped with bacon, red pepper crisp, black garlic aioli, smoked cheddar with alabama sauce.

manx pub

Not my favourite, but definitely unique with nice flavours. I tried their Lebanese-Spiced Chickpea Burger. Pickled salsa, lemon-garlic spread and baby spinach.

capitol burger

Okay, okay, okay. Another favourite to add to Ottawa. Their inspiration is Shake Shack and I think they nailed it.

the umbrella bar

Tried their hot chicken burger (a little too spicy for me) and their crispy bacon cheeseburger. Not the best tunes (important), but I would go back for that burger and drinks on the patio!

mulligans golf bar

I was a judge for their annual Capital Caesar Showdown Competition and was treated to brunch afterwards. Naturally, I tried their ‘Rise and Shine’ Brunch Burger. Potatoes on the side were my fav.


Gangster Burger

This is where the Burger Tour all started. Pretty sure the burger was good but I burnt my tongue on the first bite (too eager).


Tried the Beyond Meat burger on a road trip to Toronto. Grabbed one before heading into the city. Quite tasty. This patty could fool some!


clive burger

Kind of like Shake Shack. Very good! Their fries remind me of the Five Guys cajun fries, but with a McDonald’s cut.

peter’s Drive-in

Not my favourite, but a Calgary classic! Simple burgers here.

boogie’s burgers

Inhaled the Boog-Mak burger with an Oreo milkshake. The burg was juicy af, with two patties, thousand island dressing, cheddar, pickles, onions, tomatoes and added bacon.




Loose Moose

Canadian theme'd bar on the Gold Coast! Had their bbq and bacon burger with a dark beer.

Betty’s Burgers

Oh Betty how I love you. It's dangerous living in a high rise with Betty's below! I tried a bacon cheeseburger, a classic burger with extra pickles, onion rings, regular fries and a salted caramel ‘concrete’. Can't go wrong here.

Longboards Laidback Eatery and Bar

Had the Beach Burger after a long hike. Nobody at the table talked until we were done and couldn't stop talking about how good it was.

Burger Urge

Campus burger at Griffith University! 


Ask me about my time in Australia and I will tell you I spent most of it at Grill'd. I had so many burgers, but usually always with their low-carb bun. Love that each month each one of their location has three different charities they donate to.

Easy Street Diner

Very cool spot. I had their cheeseburger. One of my favs on the Gold Coast.

Brooklyn Depot

Lined up for a free classic burger on their birthday in 2016.

Ze Pickle

One of the first burgers I had on the Gold Coast. Went for Chee-ze and shared ze chips!

Obsessions on Chevron

Cheat Day with regular fries! My friend had a crazy waffle bun burger.

Aprés Surf

Their take on a Canadian après ski. Went here for their $5 cheeseburger night on my last night out/birthday celebration before leaving Australia! 

House of Brews

Good beer and good sliders! 


Embassy Bar

Went up to Brisbane to skydive. Couldn't go because of the weather it turned out nicely as I got to have some cheeseburger and fried chicken sliders!




After the Surf


Bar Luca

When people ask about the best burger I've ever had I often say it was the Blame the Canadian from Bar Luca. Maple bacon, maple syrup and poutine. The place was PACKED which says a lot on it's own.


The Classico! Cool that it was in a butchery. Very fresh!


Burger Love (Café 51?)

Enjoyed The Canuck after a long bike ride around Melbs!






Teddy’s Bigger Burgers

(Baconado?) avocado burger


BBQ Banzaii

Bubba Burger

Double Bubba with regular fries

Street Burger


Johnny Rockets

My god, why does NYC have to be so expensive? Tasty though.


village whiskey

Burgers around here are thick AF. Tried their regular burger and their veggie burger. Loved the flavours in the veg one.

white castle

Philly has this cool app called Go Puff. Ordered some late night White Castle Cheeseburger sliders. Good drunk snack.


8oz Burger & Co.

Within an hour of landing in Seattle I was devouring a burger. A really good one. I had the ‘8oz’ - their signature burger. Arugula, balsamic onions, hills bacon, Beechers flagship cheddar and truffle aioli. Get their broccolini on the side!



Hotel in Leribe

Semonkong Lodge

No.7 Restaurant (at Kick4Life)

Tried The Blything with a bottle of wine!

motherland guest house

Styrofoam takeout container room service burger in bed. Classy.



cape town

Royale Eatery

tiger's milk

The Big Cheese

clarens (at Lush festival)




O.R. Tambo International Airport



Shake Shack (Dubai Airport)

Ordered the classic cheeseburger with pickles. Mom got a milkshake not meant to share with me... but I claimed it most of it! So good. 




Five Monkey’s (Bali)

Had their cheeseburger.

The ONE Legian (hotel in Bali)