...there are so many ways to have a burger.

And, since it does cater to all - I like the social aspect and inclusiveness of it. Even a nice bbq at home never disappoints. 

But here's the real reason: it's the result of what happens when a bunch of advertising geeks get together. In college I studied Advertising and Marketing and we went on two major advertising trips to various agencies. One, to Toronto and another to New York City. Naturally, we created a small social media campaign. We tried to engage burger joints through tweets and our hashtags.

p.s. my Twitter was @sarkss at the time


I LOVE traveling, and then it became habit to try a burger every time I would visit a new city. Since I've started tracking, I've had a burger from 25 different restaurants in Ottawa (way more if I were to actually say how many times I've gone back to the same spots) and around 45+ internationally. 

I didn't really think it would become a thing, but I started being dubbed the 'Burger Queen', I would get tagged in so many burger related things, everyone started sending me photos of them eating burgers and I would get endless requests for suggestions on where to eat.

So, here we are today.